Car Mop Foam Washer

Dive into an unparalleled car cleaning experience with our Car Mop Washer. Engineered with a highly absorbent mop head, it promises effective water retention and easy foaming for an immaculate clean. Crafted with a retractable aluminum rod, it guarantees not only durability but also resistance against corrosion. The cleaning mop head boasts unmatched detergency, simplifying the cleaning process. Its unique 360-degree rotation capability ensures it conforms to your car's body, leaving no gaps and offering a comprehensive wash. With adjustability ranging from 49cm to 103cm, this Double Brush Head Mop, made of premium Chenille, Aluminum Alloy, and PP, provides flexibility and reach to cater to all vehicle sizes. Enhance your car care routine with this state-of-the-art mop, presented in a vibrant hue as shown in the picture. Brush head dimensions: 22x28cm.